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Actuator solutions for industrial automation

Increased efficiency is one of the primary keywords in modern industrial production. Organisations push to devise new ways to optimize production and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, legislation and unions call for improved ergonomics for employees in order to lower absenteeism due to illness or injury. With intelligent electric actuator solutions

Actuator systems for hospital applications

Average life expectancy is generally increasing. In parallel, more and more people are suffering from lifestyle-related diseases late in life. On top of that, the number of obese patients is also increasing, putting an additional burden on healthcare professionals. Equipping healthcare applications with actuator systems will improve patient comfort, provide medical staff with improved ergonomics and you, as a manufacturer, with a range of first row applications and many benefits.

Create a modern kitchen using actuator solutions

Modern kitchens tend to be more open and a more integrated part of living or dining rooms in residential homes. This trend demands multipurpose functionality. Adjust ability is gaining ground, and done right it can truly differentiate you as a manufacturer. Using actuators to do the job has several additional benefits.