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Actuator solutions for industrial automation

Increased efficiency is one of the primary keywords in modern industrial production. Organisations push to devise new ways to optimise production and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, legislation and unions call for improved ergonomics for employees in order to lower absenteeism due to illness or injury. With intelligent electric actuator solutions, you can achieve both by:

Changing to low-energy maintenance-free electric actuators
Choosing intelligent actuators, tested to withstand harsh conditions
Having easily installed customised solutions to improve ergonomics
Whether you produce soldering ovens, packaging, welding or textile machines, bar feeders, conveyor belt systems, or material handling devices, electric actuators can improve your application. For example, LINAK actuator solutions help adjust height, accurately load materials or create fast refits for size variations – all to improve ergonomics for employees while keeping costs down.

Save energy and expensive maintenance
Unlike other actuation systems, LINAK solutions do not use any hoses, pumps or compressors. This not only means no risk of leaking oil, it eliminates maintenance, minimises downtime and significantly prolongs actuator service life. At the same time, the standby energy consumption of LINAK actuators is close to zero, making them the most cost-efficient solution.

Have durable actuator solutions with intelligence
LINAK actuators undergo thorough testing before they are released for sale. They are designed to work in even very harsh conditions and to tolerate washing, without damaging the finer electronics inside. This is important, not only to avoid time-consuming breakdowns, but also to keep employees safe.

Make installation easy and offer improved ergonomics
Electric actuators are easy to install, as they require only a power cord and a data cable connecting them to the industrial machine. solutions can be customized to fit in almost any machine or automated vehicle, and will integrate easily with almost any existing control system. This means significantly better ergonomics.